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This site is dedicated to the Roncada family. It is an ongoing effort to build and develop the genealogical tree of the family. It is also a place where we can share facts, stories, events, pictures and keep in touch with new developments in the family. This is already the fifth version after the site opening on 01 November 1999. All information provided during this time has been updated to the database and the following feature is available:

We invite you to participate in our collective effort to improve this site.
If you feel you could help with anything, please contact me at the email address in 'Contact Us'. These are the main tasks:

- Find roots for Roncada branches which are still disconnected There are nine branches of Roncada, possibly more, which are not connected to each other and it would be a major accomplishment if we could add more data to it. These branches are:
  1. Dolomiti region: parents/siblings of Antonio Roncada
    Antonio was born in 1770 and is known to have had 3 children (Bortolo 1798-1886, De Maria 1815-1880 and Zaccaria 1815-1875).
    Search for this name to see his descendants.
  2. Mantova region: parents/siblings of Luigi, Paolo and Michele Roncada
    Luigi was born around 1830, Paolo in 1825 and Michele in 1848.
  3. Mantova region: parents/siblings of Guglielmo Roncada
    We only know that Guglielmo had at least three children named Luigi, Enrico and Dirce.
  4. Mantova region: parents/siblings of Angelo Roncada
    Angelo was married to Teresa Besutti and we know some of his descendants.(Search for Teresa Besutti).
  5. Taquaritinga/Quatá region (Brazil): parents/siblings of Giuseppe Roncada (1850-1942).
    There is verbal information that Giuseppe's parents were Anselmo and Isabella, but we need confirmation. Giuseppe imigrated from Buscoldo, MN (IT) to Brazil with his wife Marina Fuochi.
  6. Ibitinga region (Brazil): We do not have complete information on this branch.
  7. Caxias do Sul/Farroupilha region (Brazil): parents/siblings of Giuseppe Roncada married to Polonietta Dal Molin, both imigrated to Brazil in 1875.
  8. Belgium region: This branch also originated from Italy.
    They all came from the Dolomiti region, but we do not know exactly who got there first.
  9. Spain: As pages in Facebook testify, we know of Roncada names both in Madrid and Burgos. However, we do not have yet enough information for a complete branch.
- Find out why street names and places have the name Roncada.
It is important to know why. Please check 'Public Places'.
- new ideas and suggestions
- news and events

The name Roncada is not a common name

Yet it can be found in at least 6 countries. It seems that the name is originally from Italy, a place where we find more individuals named Roncada than in any other country. In addition, the Roncada living in Brazil and in Belgium today can trace their roots back to Italy. It seems that Roncadas living in France also came from Italy but this is not confirmed.

On the other hand, the name can also be found in Spain contributing to the discussion that Roncada is actually a Spanish name. The assumption is that Roncada individuals probably got into Italy when Spain dominated the southern part of Italy in the 1600's, and subsequently moved to the Lombardia-Veneto regions.

Others sustain that Roncada is derived from the italian word Roncola, which is an instrument for trimming trees. Also, a research by the Istituto Genealogico di Firenze asserts that Roncada is derived from its earliest form Roncadi, a name traced back to the 700's of a family lineage who held administrative positions at the city of Venezia. In adition, the name may also be associated with the city of Roncade in the Veneto.


There are certain public places that bear the Roncada name. We should find out why and give an account of the Roncada person who generated it.

If you know something about the places listed below, or know of some other place, please send us a note so that we can describe it here. Also, if you have time and interest, it would be really nice if you could contact the City Hall or Administrative Authority where the Roncada place is and inquire about it. It is usually possible to find out why a city decided to name a place after some personality in the City Hall. Here is the list:

  • Perego (LC) -Italy Via Roncada
  • Borgofranco sul Po (MN) -Italy Via Roncada
  • Bressanone (BZ) -Italy Via Roncada
  • Carbonara a Po (MN) -Italy Via Ugo Roncada
  • Cormons (GO) - Italy Localita Roncada
  • Cimolais (PN) -Italy Casera Roncada
  • San Giacomo Delle Segnate (MN) -Italy Via Roncada
  • Taquaritinga (SP) -Brazil Praça Edwil Roncada
  • Quata (SP) -Brazil Rua Tertuliano Roncada
  • Ponga Asturias -Spain Bosque Roncada